Jeremy Tenniswood Militaria Medal Mounting

Medal Mounting

Court mounting medals is an excellent way to present medals for wear or display, and to prevent damage due to knocking against each other, a particular problem where there are medals of different materials next to each other.
We at Jeremy Tenniswood usually mount medals in the “court” style however we can mount them “swinging” style by request. When we mount medals we will clean and polish them, if appropriate, and present them on new ribbons, however as each job is done by hand we can usually accommodate any special requests you may have.

Medals Mounted Court or Swinging style
£10.00 per medal for Full Size medals or £8.00 per medal form miniature medals, plus the cost of the appropriate Broach Bar. Please allow up to two weeks for mounting.
If the medals are NOT going to be worn but put into a frame, please let us know and we can mount them to lay flatter in the frame.

For an accurate estimate for mounting, please call us on +44 (0)1206 368787

We also offer a medal naming service for £10.00 per medal.
For medal naming, please click here.

Our medal mounting service is available for any and all medals, be they awarded to British personnel or otherwise. We have more ribbons available off the shelf than any other supplier, and if we don’t have it then we can get it.
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