German Military Rifles Volume 2 – 88 and 91 Firearms


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German Military Rifles Volume 2 – 88 and 91 Firearms

Volume 2 of ‘German Military Rifles’ deals with the 88 and 91 model firearms of the Imperial German Army. There has been no comprehensive work based on original sources dealing with these weapons and their history before now, although they were crucial to the transition from the black powder that had been in use for centuries to the nitrocellulose powder also known as smokeless powder. This change of propellant was a quantum leap in military armament, which changed conditions on the battlefield and within a few years led to the introduction of a less colourful and therefore less conspicuous field uniform

400 pages, approx. 750 colour photographs, contemporary BW-photographs and illustrations, bound in linen with a protective cover. Format: 29.5 x 26.0 cm

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