GERMAN Third Reich S.A. Mans Dress Dagger in scabbard, F.Herder A.S. Solingen. with hanging strap


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German Third Reich ‘S.A.’ Mans Dress Dagger complete in scabbard. Dark Brown Box-wood grip with enamel disc ‘S.A.’, nickel S.A. Eagle, nickle plated mounts with the very lightest of oxidation, ground steel double-edge blade with clear etching ‘Alles fur Deutchland’ and clear makers logo of Crossed keys, and F.Herder A.S. Solingen., with hanging strap. Some original brown finish remains to scabbard, but rather week. Nickel plated top mount and cross-guard, marked ‘Nrh’. and nickle chape. Blade appears to have it’s original 22o mm blade length, 375 mm OALength, slight wear and rubbing to scabbard mounts but otherwise very good to excellent condition,

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