GERMAN Third Reich ‘S.A.’ Mans Dress Dagger in scabbard, Karl Malsch Spitzer


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German Third Reich ‘S.A.’ Mans Dress Dagger complete in scabbard. Brown Box-wood grip with enamel disc ‘S.A.’, nickel S.A. Eagle, nickle plated mounts with the very lightest of oxidation, ground steel double-edge blade with clear etching ‘Alles fur Deutchland’ and clear makers logo for Karl Malsch Spitzer. Steinback Kr.M. Scabbard with some original finish. Nickel plated top mount and cross-guard, marked ‘Mi’. and nickle chape. Blade has had the tip re-shaped, sometime in it’s past. 208mm blade length, 370 mm OALength, condition otherwise good to very good,

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