SUDAN – Mahdist period Kaskara complete in leather scabbard.


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SUDANESE – Mahdist period Kaskara, double edged sword complete in original leather scabbard.

This sword is in unusually good condition, and these swords rarely turn up in the condition, let alone complete with original brass tipped brown leather scabbard. Crocodile skin bound leather grip with large over-size pommel, Iron cruciform iron cross-guard, 90 cm double edged double fullered iron blade, with incised reversed crescent, a pair each side of the fullers. Complete in swell-point brown leather scabbard, with rawhide-banding, and mid section remains of rawhide shoulder straps remain on iron suspension rings, black short lambs-wool or camel hair platted sword knot. Brass chape to scabbard point. 105 cm OALength.

Rare to be so complete in scabbard, but the scabbard would require treating with the utmost care, as very very fragile.

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