War Baby III : The US Carbine Into the 21st Century


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War Baby III : The US Carbine Into the 21st Century
Author: Larry L Ruth
Hardback – 952 pages
1,328 illustrations
ISBN: 0889355509

Deluxe First Edition, 2013. The U.S. Carbine the most popular military small arm in U.S. history has been the subject of a number of books, the most important of which are the perennially popular Collector Grade titles WAR BABY! (first published in 1992) and WAR BABY Comes Home (first published in 1993). Both have been reprinted numerous times, and both remain available. The author himself explains the rationale for this new third volume as follows: Over the past twenty years, since the publication of the two original volumes, I have continued to research the carbine program, collecting data and lore, while promising myself, my family and fellow collectors that a third volume, containing the results of these endeavors, would be forthcoming. As this third volume came closer to becoming a reality, analysis showed that the fruits of my labors could basically be divided into two main groups: revisions and additions to the information already included in the two initial volumes; and brand-new material that had not been available when the original volumes went to press. The question then arose as to how to present this material. Taking into account the thousands of copies of the first two volumes already in circulation, we have decided not to revise them but to leave them as they are, and present all the new and revised material in this separate third volume. Along with hundreds of crisp, clear color images, WAR BABY III contains twenty years worth of new information on the six million-plus military carbines manufactured during World War II, and the over one million commercial carbines made or assembled since 1960. A comprehensive Index of all three.

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