US M1913 Sword Bayonet, Remington, October 1917


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US M1913 Sword Bayonet (Remington, 1917) for the Enfield .303 Pattern 1914 (or P14). Complete in steel mounted P14 brown leather scabbard. Ricasso marked ‘1913, 10 17, Remington’ on one side and “U.S, Flaming Grenade, 28” on the other. Steel pommel, rounded slab walnut grips held by slot head bolts and slotted round nuts.

Condition: Acceptable, most of the finish is still remaining on the blade however is chipped across the edge, especially towards the point. The grips are fairly beaten up, mostly on one side.

Blade length: 430mm

Overall length in scabbard: 560mm

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