Slade-Wallace 1888 Pattern Leather Bayonet Frog


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White Buff Leather frog
Newly manufactured White Buff Leather frog for Pat. 1888 Slade-Wallace Equipment, as worn by all Infantry in full dress to 1914, and the Guards Division, full dress, until adoption of the SA80.
Buff leather stitched, and held by four copper rivetts, locking strap with plain brass buckle. Suitable for 1853 Enfield Socket bayonet, 1853/72 Martini socket bayonet, 1888 Lee Metford, 1903 and 1907 SMLE bayonets, and No.7 bayonet for the No.4 Lee Enfield rifle, and also the SLR bayonet.

Condition: New, reproductions made as ‘correct to pattern’ as possible. Suitable for display purposes or re-enactment.

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