ARMY ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL USA complete in case, full size medal


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ARMY ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL U.S.A. complete in case, full size medal with ribbon bar and lapel pin.
Octogonal bronze medal suspended from ribbon via a loop ring; scene depicts Department of the Army plaque complete with cannon, cannonballs and flags; under the plaque is imprinted the year ‘1775’.
Reverse: Two slips of laurel facing opposite sides of the medal edges; above the laurel are the words ‘For Military Achievement’.
Ribbon: Thin green-to-white-to-green-to-white bands, then thicker blue to thin white to thicker blue bands at centre, with repeated white-to-green-white-to-green thin banding.
Ref: No. 34, Plate 2, Sheet 3, US Military Medals 1939 to Present, Foster & Bort.

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