The Hayes Handgun Omnibus – A Catalogued Encyclopedia of Collective Pistols and Revolvers


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Author: Ronald D hayes & Ian D Skennerton

Hardback – 592
Lavishly illustrated in colour throughout

ISBN: 9780949749833

Full A4 page size, 592 pages printed on matte art paper – Over 1,440 items catalogued in alphabetical order – Full colour printing with 3,550+ illustrations – Heavy duty dust-jacket (210 gm) – Ribbon markers in green, gold & black – Printed end-papers Each section is arranged in an essential chronological sequence following the various models and their development. Indexed & cross-indexed. Technical data & notes accompanying each entry make this an ideal study. The colour illustrations provide more detail than is possible with so many more written words. In fact, the use of a magnifying glass can bring up fine detail even more. This encyclopedia covers a wide range of models and makers of antique, historical, sporting, presentation, target and service issue pistols and revolvers. All from a lifetime of keen collecting.
Alphabetic categories are…
A – Australasia
B – British (other than Webley & Enfield)
C – Colt Firearms
D – Demonstration & Sectionised Cut-aways
E – Enfield R.S.A.F.
F – Free Western Europe (other than Germanic & Italy)
G – Germanic & Austro-Hungarian
H – High Standard & Mitchell
I – Italy
J – Iver Johnson
K – Signal & Flare Pistols
L – Likeness Reproductions
M – Miniatures & Models
N – Non-aligned Countries
O – Oriental
P – Presentation Engraved
Q – Sturm Ruger
R – Remington Arms
S – Smith & Wesson
T – Savage & Stevens
U – USSR & Eastern Europe
V – Various other North American Makers
W – Webley
X – X-Ring Target & Competition
Y – South America
Z – Zuid Afrik Republic

Each handgun entry is numbered for ready reference. Some items are cross-referenced where they may fall under more than one category: e.g. Maker / Presentation; Maker / Cut-away; or Australasian / Target; &c.

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