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The Global War on Terror Commemorative Medal was designed to Honor those military and non-military personnel involved in the Global war on Terror.

Campaigns included in the War on Terror include but are not limited to: Operation Active Endeavour, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines, Operation Enduring Freedom – Horn of Africa, Operation Enduring Freedom – Trans Sahara, Iraq, and the Iraqi no-fly zones, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, International Security Assistance Force

The Front of the medal shows the American Flag standing in the midst of a wall of flames, which represent acts of terrorism. Around the front of the medal are the words “Global War on Terror” on a ring of black, which serves as a solemn reminder of the lives that have been lost to acts of terrorism. The reverse of the medal reads “Protecting our Homeland”.

Ribbon: Military green, with the American red, white and blue in the center.

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