Mauser Pistolen – Development and Production 1877-1946


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A comprehensive chronololgy of hand gun development and production at the famous arms makers Mauser-Werke of Oberndorf, Germany from the C77 and ‘Zig-Zag’ revolvers through to the French occupation period that follows WWII. Mauser manufactured a number of pistols to the firms own design, including roughly a 1,000,000 examples of the famous C’96 (plus another 100,000 selective fire versions, and 1,200 hunting carbines) around 500,000 blowback pocket pistols, and 261,000 double action HSc’s. They also produced at least 7,800 Reich Revolver, 1,000,000 Parabellum (Luger) pistols and 340,000 P.38’s, all of which were designed elsewhere. Also included are a number of rare little known prototypes from original glass plate negatives.

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Volumes: one
Author: W. Darrin Weaver, Jon Speed, and Walter Scmid.
Illustrations: 461
Pages: 368 285mm
ISBN: 0889354510

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