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ZULU WARS – 24th FOOT OTHER RANK’S BRASS inter-locking BELT BUCKLE                        cast brass reproduction, (not brass plated zinc alloy!) for 1.5/8″-43mm wide ‘Buff’ leather belt. Manufactured mostly for the use of re-en actors.

The 24th Foot was raised in 1689 as Colonel Sir Edward Dering’s Regiment of Foot for service in Ireland under William III.

In 1751 it was placed 24th in the line infantry order of precedence. Between 1782 to 1881, the regimental name was The 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot.

On 22 January 1879, during the Zulu War, most of the companies of the 1st Battalion were at Isandhlwana where they were overwhelmed by the Zulus. Following on from their success at Isandhlwana, the Zulus attacked Rorkes Drift where there was only one company of the 2nd/24th Foot. The Zulus were unable to take the post despite their numbers and retreated. In 1880, in recognition of these actions, Queen Victoria placed a wreath of immortelles round the staff of the Queen’s Colour.

Under the Cardwell Reforms of 1881, the regimental title changed to The South Wales Borderers.

In June 1969, The South Wales Borderer’s linked with The Welch Regiment (41st/69th Foot), to form The Royal Regiment of Wales (24th/41st Foot).

In 1879 both battalions took part in the Anglo-Zulu War, begun after a British invasion of Zululand, ruled by Cetshwayo. The 24th Regiment of Foot took part in the crossing of the Buffalo River on 11 January, entering Zululand. The first engagement (and the most disastrous for the British) came at Isandlwana.


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